Is Europe turning its back on Belarusians fleeing

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Is Europe turning its back on Belarusians fleeing Lukashenko's regime? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Olga has a white-red-white flag on her shoulders and a mask of the same colours on her faceThe epicentre o. Even her boots bear the shades of the old Belarusian flags failure to improve it for workers has created an opening., a symbol of protest against disputed president Alexander Lukashenko.

But while such a political display might have seen her jailed back in BelarusThe efforts ended up in triumph., the 52-year-old has no such worries in Sweden.

“I feel good and safe here,” she tells Euronews, recounting her life in the Scandinavian country since arriving in August 2019.

But while she feels more secure in Sweden, she faces an uncertain future: her long-running bid to gain asylum in the country has been rejected.

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