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CPPCC member Robin Lee: accelerate the research on artificial intelligence ethics to obtain more artificial intelligence dividends

economy - China economy, Beijing, March 4 (KangBo) at this year's two sessions, the case related to artificial intelligence brought by Robin Lee, CPPCC member and chairman of Baidu, received great attention. According to the understanding of China's economy, Robin Lee has brought three proposals this time, among which the proposal on strengthening the ethical research of artificial intelligence and building the cornerstone of the development of intelligent society is the top priority that has been adjusted before leaving the factory. Because on the day of the opening ceremony of the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, Robin Lee told the Chinese economy that China has disadvantages in the basic theoretical research of artificial intelligence

Robin Lee, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Baidu, economy - China economic KangBo photo

according to Robin Lee, as an important driving force of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, artificial intelligence has risen to a national strategy. At present, artificial intelligence is still in the early stage of development, but it has approached or even exceeded human ability in some fields, showing great positive and creative power to carry out the work of the special committee. The intelligent revolution is bringing about changes in human-machine relations. In the future, machines will no longer be simple tools, but may help or even partially replace people in decision-making. In history, almost every major technological change will bring new challenges to economic and social development. Artificial intelligence has triggered some concerns in the society, such as whether people will be replaced by machines, whether artificial intelligence is safe and controllable, how to define people and machines, and so on. Only by strengthening the ethical research of artificial intelligence and dealing with the new relationship between machines and people through scientific and technological innovation, can we get more dividends from artificial intelligence and let technology benefit mankind. China is in the leading position in the research, development and application of artificial intelligence technology in the world. In 2017, China issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence", which aims to preliminarily establish artificial intelligence ethics in some fields. But on the whole, the current discussion on artificial intelligence ethics in China has just started, and has not yet formed a broad consensus. In this regard, our participation in international cooperation is relatively small, staying at a relatively shallow level

in this regard, Robin Lee suggested that the competent government departments should take the lead to organize industry experts in interdisciplinary fields, representatives of AI enterprises, industry users, the public and other relevant parties to carry out research and top-level design of AI ethics, promote the improvement of people's livelihood and welfare, promote the healthy development of the industry, and take the initiative of a new round of technological revolution. The first is to focus on people, clarify the ethical principles of artificial intelligence, strengthen relevant research, take the good life of the people as the ultimate goal, and give consideration to the innovation and development of the industry. Second, strengthen the responsibility of leading enterprises, accelerate the implementation of AI ethical principles, and let the information and services provided by AI help people grow and develop. Third, strengthen international exchanges and gather global consensus. Actively participate in the research and formulation of global AI ethics principles, identify forbidden areas as soon as possible, and contribute Chinese wisdom to International Ai ethics research. Seize the strategic development opportunity of artificial intelligence, accelerate the pace of ethical research and innovation, build a competitive advantage in the development of artificial intelligence in China, build an intelligent society as soon as possible, and use technology to benefit the people

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