Robert, chairman of the hottest French ed company,

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Robert, chairman of French ed company, visited Yuchai heavy industry

Robert, chairman of French ed company, visited Yuchai heavy industry

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in mid May, Ms. Catherine Robert, chairman of French eurotek distribution company (hereinafter referred to as "French ed company") visited Yuchai heavy industry

it is understood that it has been ten years since French e-output D company cooperated with Yuchai heavy industry in April, 2005. In the past ten years, ed company of France and Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. have experienced the brilliance and trough of the industry market, and they still stick to it. They are one of the most loyal customers of Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

during the visit of Robert, chairman of French ed company to Yuchai heavy industry, Ms. Robert communicated with relevant personnel of Yuchai heavy industry on after-sales service and parts supply, and reached a consensus on the payment of accounts receivable. Later, Ms. Robert visited Yuchai heavy industry trial production workshop and complete machine warehouse, fully affirmed the newly developed model, and hoped that Yuchai heavy industry could continuously improve product quality, improve product performance, and provide customers with satisfactory products

Ms. Robert met Wang Wei, the deputy general manager, when visiting the smoke wharf. The two exchanged views on the current development of the construction machinery industry. Wang Wei hopes that French ed company can continue to support the development of Yuchai heavy industry in the special period of market downturn. Ms. Robert is confident that Yuchai heavy industry will get out of the dilemma and said that she will continue to support Yuchai heavy industry

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