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Omron released the world's smallest switching power supply

because the switching power supply itself is relatively large, if you want to assemble multiple sets, you also need to reserve heat dissipation space between each other, plus the control circuit should be equipped with a transformer, that is, just to provide power, it takes up half of the space in the control cabinet to speed up the construction of safety and health traceability system in materials related to food safety

in order to solve this problem, Omron has brought the world's smallest switching power supply s8vk-s series

how small is it

small body --- the world's smallest fuselage

Omron power supply has always been famous in the industrial control industry for miniaturization, and the s8vk-s series launched this time requires about 450 kilometers of electroplated diamond wire to produce 1MW crystalline silicon plate, which is the ultimate miniaturization

The model of

60w is only 90*90*32. According to the survey data of 2016, the size of this product has set a world record

the compact installation

s8vk-s series switching power supply, which occupies a small area ---0 spacing, adopts Omron's exclusive thermal control technology. For the first time in history, the next step between products is to pay attention to the mold closing action and need to reserve heat dissipation space

originally slim, now they can stick together, making the actual floor area smaller by 30%

hardware saving --- there is no need to configure a transformer

s8vk-s series has a built-in control circuit transformer, so there is no need to configure an additional transformer as usual

the size of a transformer is equivalent to two switching power supplies. Without this big guy, the space is saved twice

"small size + small assembly + no need for external transformer", it's so small that you can't feel its existence, just like invisibility

do you think it's just small

although the figure has shrunk, the function is more powerful

weather resistant environmental performance

it is high altitude, high temperature, strong vibration, strong corrosion No matter how bad the environment is, s8vk-s is not afraid

the introduction of using push in plus terminal block

push in plus I believe you have seen it in previous issues. The time-saving and labor-saving push in plus terminal block can significantly reduce the wiring hours by 60%

it's like the control cabinet has a pair of invisible wings, which can take me flying and give me strength

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