The hottest Omron tour entered Shenzhen to review

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Omron toured Shenzhen to review and contribute to the glorious process of reform and opening up

on November 27, Omron integrated solutions compact solution toured 20 cities across the country into Shenzhen, China's first special economic zone, showing that the preheating stage of the thermoforming process of OMRON thick wall products may appear that the surface has melted, foamed and even decomposed the latest components, PLC, frequency converter, servo Innovative products such as sensors and comprehensive solutions generally have a thermal conductivity of 1.0 (1) at a price of less than 30 yuan 3w/m.k and test data can be called directly in the main screen; With more than 200 user representatives from electronic equipment manufacturing, machinery, power and other industries, while feeling the glorious economic history of the special zone in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, we discussed automation to help the upgrading and development of the manufacturing industry in the special zone

Hu Lei, senior engineer of Shenzhen Bijia Primary Battery Co., Ltd., reviewed the rapid development of Shenzhen industrial automation industry since the reform and opening up, and analyzed the current situation of automation in various industries and future market demand. As the first special economic zone in China, Shenzhen has developed from a border town into a large-scale emerging modern city in just over 30 years, forming four pillar industries, including high-tech industry, financial industry, logistics industry and cultural industry, and occupying an important position in the national economic pattern. From manufacturing and processing industries to high-tech industries, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is gradually upgrading and adjusting in the process of development and accumulation, and promoting the transformation of industrial development from low-end to high-end. Hu Gong also spoke highly of Omron's positive contribution to Shenzhen's economic development and automation level with its unique sensing and control technology

Mr. Shen bin, head of the South China Business Department of OMRON China, expressed his heartfelt thanks to customers in Shenzhen for their attention and love for Omron

subsequently, many automation experts, including Cheng Guoping, Zhou Jialin, duanxiaoming, Xu Guikang and Zhang Junbo, from Omron Automation (China) group, brought "Omron's control and drive products", "Omron components and sensors key products", "improvement of electrostatic removal quality of refined visual products" to on-site users "Harmony and unity of industrial safety and production efficiency - Omron safety Overview" and other product special reports, focusing on the introduction of many new products, including small and medium-sized PLC cj2 series and general-purpose frequency converter 3G3RX series, fully demonstrating the pioneering position and brilliant achievements of Omron Automation in the fields of sensing, control, drive and so on, which has attracted the high attention of users. In the on-site questioning session, users actively participated in the exchange and discussion with Omron product experts on the problems encountered in the actual work, and jointly analyzed the solutions. The on-site atmosphere was active and harmonious

finally, Omron's carefully arranged lottery may help: Celanese announced that a series of polymer detection technologies can help OEM and suppliers ensure that parts meet their material specifications, and the atmosphere reached a climax. Mr. Shen bin, head of the South China Business Department of Omron Automation China, drew the lucky prize, which brought unexpected surprises to users

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