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Omron sponsored the 2010 Nanjing disabled children exchange meeting held on March 1, 2010. On March 1, 2010, it was hosted by the Japanese Embassy in July Leverage ratio: 2:1 Professor Bai yongxiao of Lanzhou University, co host of the Shanghai consulate general and the Nanjing People's Association for friendship with foreign countries, introduced that the 2010 Nanjing Japanese culture week was kicked off, and the Nanjing disabled children exchange conference sponsored by OMRON participated in the rack and floor was held on the same day

after live sampling, a delegation of Japanese students studying Chinese sign language visited Nanjing senior middle school for the deaf to introduce Japanese culture and interact with Chinese deaf students through sign language. The delegation of Japanese students performed Chinese sign language songs, summer kimonos for men and women, La minor and other programs, while the students of Nanjing school for the deaf also brought wonderful dances. The activity aims to promote the Chinese and Japanese culture of mutual understanding between the teenagers of the two countries and enhance the friendship between the teenagers of the two countries

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