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Omron's three "smart keys" help China's intelligent manufacturing

on November 1, the annual China International Industry Expo (CIIF) officially opened. With the theme of innovation, intelligence and green, this Industrial Expo strives to build a platform for the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and promote the development of intelligent equipment and key technologies. At the exhibition, Omron continued to take blue and white as the main body, and continued to appear in hall 6.1 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (clover) with a low-key and pragmatic attitude

China is in the transition period from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and made in China 2025 is in full swing. The innovative technology of industrialization is changing with each passing day, and the new industrial revolution wave characterized by digitalization, networking and intellectualization is also booming, which is also similar to the i-automation proposed by OMRON! The idea coincides

the crowd at Omron booth is surging

if Omron finds this regularity, Omron will continue to carry three smart keys to help the smart transformation made in China with the innovative power of sensing control + smart

Omron, famous for sensing control, has carefully set up three exhibition areas: integrated (lean control), intelligent (intelligent information) and interactive (roboticization). Let the audience have a close experience of the high precision and practicality of the production site of the manufacturing industry

respond to new situations and problems

on the morning of the second day of the exhibition, Omron focused on introducing the new IPC technology to the on-site audience. The handsome host analyzed the industrial PC platform NY Series in simple terms, which combines the high precision, practicality of SYSMAC automation platform and the versatility of windows, and integrated SYSMAC control and ICT to create a high reliability innovation device for the manufacturing site. NY series, equipped with the 4th generation Intel Celeron, core i5 (or Core i7 processor), realizes high-capacity data processing and high-speed, high-precision and high reliability

according to reports, Omron previously acquired delta tau data systems (DT), which specializes in ultra-high speed and high-precision control of processing systems in the United States. By applying the high-speed and high-precision hardware owned by SYSMAC, the customer's on-site knowledge and technology will be imported as assets in the future, which can improve the added value of the device and continuously strengthen the on-site productivity

the zw7000 3D fiber-optic coaxial displacement sensor detection prototype was exhibited on site, which was praised for its large number of materials, fast sampling speed and high detection accuracy

in addition, Omron has set up a core opening theater and an interactive experience area at the booth this time. The live audience can experience Omron i-automation! The extraordinary charm of many products can compete with all kinds of robots in game interaction. At the same time, it can also test the two worlds of reality and virtual through investment attraction, left and right bow VR technology, body universal tension experiment, motor sub tension machine adopts an all digital, closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm

innovation is the eternal theme. In the next few days of the exhibition, we continue to look forward to how Omron will continue to highlight the high-precision, informatization, flexibility and visualization of product technology

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