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The upgrading of food production and processing workshops has made the small workshops "new"

the food safety of small workshops has always been a hot and difficult issue of common people's concern. In order to eliminate this problem, many places have encouraged the small workshops to actively upgrade and achieve certain results, which has also made the small workshops glow with "vitality"

Zhoushan: the first registration certificate of small workshop for rapeseed oil pressing food was released

recently, Zhejiang Zhoushan professional cooperatives received the registration certificate of small workshop for rapeseed oil pressing food issued by Dinghai Branch of the municipal market supervision bureau, becoming the first enterprise in the city to obtain the certificate

we know that when we mention the small food processing workshop, the first impression is that it is small, its technical conditions comply with the relevant provisions of gb5137.1 standard, the environment is poor, the production equipment is simple, and there are certain safety and health risks. The author learned that the rapeseed oil processing workshop of the cooperative has introduced oil processing equipment, such as a seed frying machine and a press. The rapeseed is stir fried by the seed frying machine, and then the fried rapeseed is automatically transferred to the press. Finally, the golden rapeseed oil flows out from the other end of the machine. It takes about 40 minutes from the rapeseed to the oil

according to the introduction of relevant personnel, the oil and fat processing equipment at the end of July 2014 not only greatly improved the oil yield, but also reduced the pollution in the automatic operation, and the pressed rapeseed oil was more safe and hygienic. At the same time, we will purchase the production equipment that is regular and imported from some foreign manufacturers first, and carry out production according to the national standards and process flow of vegetable oil, so as to ensure the quality and safety of rapeseed oil

Beijing: let small workshops also enjoy intelligence

it is understood that the farmers in Pinggu District of Beijing have transformed the original short chicken house into a new chicken house. The chicken house is also equipped with fans, water curtains, feeding trucks and other equipment, embarking on the road of large-scale breeding

among them, the disinfection system has been greatly upgraded. The manual disinfection mode of shoulder back spray has been transformed into seeding disinfection, and the disinfection of the whole house can be completed with the feeding process. The installation of advanced equipment has brought many benefits, such as reducing manpower, reducing electric energy, improving egg laying rate, and ensuring the safety and sanitation of eggs

Liangzihu District: promote the upgrading of small Baijiu workshops

it is understood that Liangzihu district understands the progress of the upgrading of small Baijiu workshops, and puts forward the sincere hope that "the upgrading really meets the standards, and the innovation of brands strives for benefits". The region encourages enterprises to innovate processing technology, introduce advanced brewing equipment, and combine traditional manual and modern process operations, so as to not only brew good wine, but also reflect wine culture

at the same time, efforts should be made to get rid of people's impression of "dirty, disorderly and poor" small workshops. Through upgrading and transformation, Baijiu production should be standardized, so that "small workshops" can reproduce "great achievements" and achieve "great products"

Gaozhou: let small workshops bring "ID card"

it is reported that Gaozhou has implemented the "food safety traceability QR code" system management for edible oil processing workshops, striving to fully complete the installation and use of peanut oil workshops and the traceability of QR codes by the end of 2018, and promote the establishment of food safety demonstration counties

it is reported that the system uses the latest video monitoring cloud aggregation installation and docking technology to monitor the production process of peanut oil shops in small workshops, which not only helps to reduce the use rate of damaged peanuts, thus reducing the generation of more experimental requirements that are toxic to the human body, but also reduces the possibility of infiltration and fraud, thus improving the quality of original peanut oil, Let the food produced by small workshops carry "identity cards", so that people can buy and eat at ease

conclusion: at present, small food production and processing workshops are still an important part of food supply. Poor production equipment, poor production environmental sanitation conditions and weak quality and health control ability have always been the focus of small workshops. With the development of the food industry, small workshops have continuously improved their hardware foundation, and gradually moved from the original family style small workshops to intelligence. The author believes that the small food production and processing workshops will be able to regain their "new life" through continuous upgrading and transformation

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