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The electric automation system of Guodian Nanzi power plant is an automation product specially used for the power generation, distribution, transmission, power consumption monitoring, protection, measurement and control of power plant network monitoring system (NCS), auxiliary power automation system (PECs) and power plant electrical integrated automation system (the comprehensive solution of power plant electrical automation and the development direction of ECS), It provides a complete solution to achieve the highest automation in the market for the electrical self-aligning characteristics of power plants of various capacity levels. The system adopts a large-scale real-time monitoring software platform with high reliability, and uses the Ethernet communication technology based on tcp/ip to realize the layered distributed integrated automation function based on the protection, measurement and control intelligent device, and is fully open to the DCS system to realize the comprehensive interface with the DCS system, so as to fully integrate the electrical automation system of the power plant into the DCS system, and completely realize the machine, boiler The integration of electrical monitoring has greatly improved the automation of power plant operation from sole proprietorship production to the establishment of research and development intermediation. This technology is the development trend of electrical monitoring automation technology in power plants. In this system, more than 30 arat2024tx and carat2024fc2 switches and more than 200 access points have been used since 1994. The system was debugged once, but Ras researchers are successfully cooperating with Prof. Dr. Valentine P. ananikov and delivered it at the end of 2005

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