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Su Wu Futures: PTA upstream and downstream markets are full of variables

today, Zhengzhou ta0809 closed at 9442, down 144 from yesterday's settlement price

in the spot market, the price index of China fiber PTA today was 9600 yuan/ton, the same as yesterday. Polyester market temporarily stabilized, some manufacturers canceled some preferential policies, but still did not dare to raise prices rashly; The slice Market recovered slightly, as the downstream enterprises are replenishing at different stages; The atmosphere of polyester short-term market is still flat. If there is such a situation, loosen the M8 plug on the oil pump to remove the air, and then inspect whether the oil returned to the oil tank is intermittently stalemate

the textile export tax rebate callback policy, which has just been put out for a few days, is reported to have made breakthrough progress, and it will be issued as soon as late July; Some experts also said that the recent intensive high-level research may increase the chips for selecting the appropriate model of electronic universal testing machine for the early introduction of the export tax rebate callback policy. The increase of export tax rebate can bring a certain buffer time to the adjustment and upgrading of enterprises, but it may lead to the retrogression of industrial structure adjustment. Moreover, some enterprises believe that the rebate callback is just a water truck salary to some extent, and cannot solve the real problems of textile enterprises

in general, the upstream and downstream markets of PTA are full of variables. While the demand seems to turn around, the PX price that has been supporting PTA began to fall yesterday due to concerns about crude oil callback

in terms of operation, it is mainly wait-and-see or intra day short-term, waiting for the trend to be clear

first of all, HRB335 has been cancelled for the steel bar brand. Note: the reprinted contents are indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their contents

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