The United States has the hottest eye on SMIC. If

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The United States is eyeing SMIC international. If it is blacklisted, material and equipment factories will suffer.

the U.S. government is considering including SMIC international, one of the largest integrated robots in history, in the trade sanctions list, disrupting the pace of semiconductor industry autonomy in Chinese Mainland, and is afraid to further impact the supply chain of silicon wafers, silicon smart materials and other peripheral materials and equipment. As the level covers equipment and materials from the United States, 40% to 60% of our body heat in Taiwan is dissipated by the infrared operating machine radiation cooperative factory, and the industry providing IC design services in the mainland can not escape the impact

according to the statistics of the Market Research Institute, SMIC is the fifth largest wafer foundry in the world, behind TSMC, Samsung, lattice core and liandian. The monthly production capacity of SMIC wafer foundry is about 480000 8-inch wafers, accounting for about 4.5% of the market, with thousands of customers

industry insiders pointed out that the top ten customers of SMIC international include Hisilicon under Huawei, ZTE, Datang Telecom, Ziguang zhanrui, Zhaoyi innovation, Howell and other mainland heavyweight chip factories. SMIC can be regarded as an important foundry source for IC design industry in Chinese Mainland for a long time

therefore, once the United States sanctions SMIC, the semiconductor industry and domestic research institutions believe that it will directly hit the most important pillar supporting the semiconductor industry in the mainland, and the two pillars of IC design and rear section sealing and testing will also be shaken. The damage will be very large and deep

the United States continues to take advantage of its scientific and technological advantages to obstruct the mainland's independent development of semiconductors. Once SMIC becomes a US trade blacklist, in the short term, it will immediately cause the sales performance of large American semiconductor equipment manufacturers such as Yingcai, Colin R & D, Kelei, etc. to the mainland if the problem cannot be solved, and the related photoresist, grinding, development, and peripheral consumables and spare parts will also be affected

in addition, Taiwan, China's Silicon smart wealth factory, which cooperates closely with SMIC, or the contracting factory for the electromechanical engineering of the new production line, the chip design company that assists the mainland IC design company in developing special application chips, and the company that manufactures semiconductor equipment and consumables for American companies, will also be implicated

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