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Yamawang flooring brand: make the solid wood floor no longer sound. Many newly decorated users have encountered this relatively depressing problem after installing the floor. If you want to know what causes it, it depends on how the sound is made. If you step on a certain place and make a sound again and again, and continue to do so, it must be that the wooden earthworm is not fixed between the wooden tenon and the ground, or the wooden tenon material is too soft and laborious, Pulled up by the Earth Dragon. How to maintain the solid wood floor? If you step on it in a certain place, sometimes there will be a sound, sometimes there is no sound. This situation is mostly caused by the fact that the floor nail is smaller than the drill hole of the solid wood floor, and there is a loose gap between the male and female floorboards of the floor (which is also related to the quality of the floor itself). Half of the people will make a sound when walking after decoration, but the position is different. There are few ways to deal with the noise on the floor. Even if the problem is alleviated after treatment, it cannot be completely cured. There is a way to completely cure it. Retighten the earthworm and refit the floor. It's really a headache. No one is willing to counterattack and refit. Only before installing the earthworm and the floor, pay attention to the following processes and methods, and the floor will not sound: 1. Before installing the earthworm, the 12mm electric hammer drill is generally used to drill holes, so the wooden tenon should be at least 18-20mm square wooden tenon compacted to be useful, and the hole cannot be drilled easily, and the wooden tenon will shrink as soon as it dries in a few days; 2. The material of the wooden tenon used for tamping the ground is harder than that of the earthworm, and the hard shrinkage force of the wood is small, so the earthworm is not easy to pull up the wooden tenon and maintain its stability; 3. In some rooms, the ground level difference is several centimeters. At this time, the carpenter will pad some knife shaped wooden plugs or three plywood under the earthworm to ensure the level of the earthworm. At this time, don't forget that between the earthworms with a height of more than 2.5 centimeters, short earthworms must be marked to fix each other to prevent the earthworm from swinging left and right, so as to ensure that the earthworm is flat and firm; 4. When installing the solid wood floor, the hole diameter must be smaller than the floor nail, so that the floor can eat nails; 5. Reserve more than 1 cm of floor contraction joints around the wall to avoid climate change or floor moisture content inconsistent expansion and arching, which most people know

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