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Many things are tedious in decorating houses. If you don't pay attention to them a little, you will be dissatisfied. At this time, women can give full play to their meticulous natural characteristics, win men's attention every minute, and shine constantly

"black gold" combination, "soul call" Disabled Art Troupe, "awesome sunset" skill dance combination... It has made a deep impression on hundreds of millions of audiences, and their brilliant stories have deeply moved the audience. They are beautiful

life is a timeline composed of trivia. There is a saying that whether a woman is beautiful or not should be seen from the age of 30. Because to evaluate whether a woman is beautiful or not at this stage, it is no longer youth and appearance, but a kind of charm and a kind of ability to deal with life. Laoka wardrobe teaches you to be brilliant in the details of home decoration and shape the charm of women

many house decoration things are cumbersome, and a little carelessness will lead to dissatisfaction. At this time, women can give full play to their meticulous natural characteristics, win men's attention every minute, and shine constantly

small office bags pack all your trivia:

1 When you buy something, you must keep the necessary documents, which is absolutely beneficial to the possible return and exchange of goods in the later stage. Especially for some important items, such as shopping tickets and manuals, because many things have a warranty period, it will be more troublesome to lose the vouchers

2. During the construction process, the increase or decrease of items must be clear about the price, and then written in black and white. Take good care of things

Hidden Art:

1 Check whether there are necessary construction protection measures, such as the entrance door should be wrapped with pearl cotton, and the paved windowsill and ground should also be properly protected

2. The power socket can be installed as much as possible, otherwise the home is full of complicated wires and staggered tow boards. The secret of hiding wires is the reasonable installation of power sockets

some things prefer small to big, and some things prefer big to small

1 The bathroom has a small area, so it's good to use a column basin (the glass basin is particularly dirty, so lazy people should use it with caution)

2. The wardrobe should be bigger than smaller. Women should remember! The hanging space should be able to put down the longest skirt

distinguish who is in front of whom:

1 It is best to complete the gas pipe change before tiling, otherwise it may damage the wall. It is best to let the gas company draw a picture or make a sign on the wall, because the cabinet company needs to make holes in the cabinet body according to the requirements

2. Curtains are best customized after all furniture and household appliances enter the site to match the overall style and tone. But the track can be installed before cleaning

visionary details:

1 Install a switch at the head of the bed, and you don't have to get up and turn off the lights in winter

2. When decorating, there is no place that can't be wiped, and the gap is blocked. The sanitation is easily done

3. For families planning to have children in the future, they must calculate the size and reserve a place next to the bed for the crib





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