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Recently, I found that many people around me have begun to use casement windows to decorate their new houses. Perhaps in the impression of some owners, isn't the casement window the kind commonly used in old houses? In order to solve this doubt, Xiaobian will give you a specific analysis of whether it is better to use sliding windows or casement windows for the decoration of new houses

what is sliding window

sliding windows are divided into left and right, up and down. The sliding window adopts the track sliding of the window sash equipped with pulley on the window frame. The advantage of this kind of window is that the window does not occupy additional space no matter in the on-off state, and the structure is relatively simple

sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price and good sealing. It adopts high-grade slide rail, which can be opened flexibly with a slight push. With large pieces of glass, it can not only increase the indoor lighting, but also improve the overall shape of the building. The stress state of the window sash is good and not easy to be damaged, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent

the disadvantage is that only 50% of the window sashes can be opened at most, and the air tightness is poor when closed. In recent years, there are improved sliding windows with new technology, which can push multiple sashes to one side and fold. At the same time, there are also sliding windows to improve air tightness, but generally speaking, they still cannot achieve the thermal performance of casement windows, and the energy consumption is high, so they are rarely used in advanced countries

what is a casement window

the so-called casement window is a window that can be opened and closed horizontally. This kind of window is defined according to the opening mode of the window. At present, it is widely used in major decoration places

the advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inner opening is convenient for cleaning windows; The open type does not occupy space when it is opened

the disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of vision is not wide. The opening of the external window takes up a space outside the wall, which is easy to be damaged when the wind blows; And opening windows inside takes up part of the indoor space. It is inconvenient to use screen windows. It is inconvenient to use screen windows and curtains when opening windows. If the quality is not up to standard, it may also leak rain

the difference between casement windows and sliding windows

1. Appearance comparison

from the appearance, the difference between casement windows and sliding windows mainly lies in the collocation with the overall style of the building

because of its great flexibility of division, casement windows can make any line facade effect, and for large division floor to ceiling windows, the opening fan only accounts for a small part of the whole window, so it is more suitable for high-end buildings with strict requirements for the overall effect of the building, especially in line with the building with large division, spacious and bright, good permeability effect, coordinated and smooth appearance pursued by architects

the sliding window can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, so it is difficult to match with the fixed glass with large divisions. Generally, it is more suitable for business plants or rural family buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines

2. Performance comparison

compared with the wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, casement windows are generally better than sliding windows

generally, the cross-section of casement windows is small, but their main load-bearing rods are usually made of splicing materials or medium vertical materials. These main load-bearing rods will be strengthened during the design process, so their wind pressure resistance performance is good

the section of sliding window profile is generally large, and its wind pressure resistance performance should be relatively good, but as long as a little in-depth force analysis, it is known that its main force bearing rod is often medium fan material, and its upper and lower stiles only rely on pulleys to bear the horizontal wind load, so its wind pressure resistance performance is generally not ideal

casement windows are generally sealed with rubber strips, while sliding windows are generally sealed with wool strips. The sealing effect of rubber strips is generally better than wool seals. In terms of water tightness, casement windows have advantages over sliding windows

in terms of air tightness, at present, two-point lock or heaven and earth lock is used for locking and sealing at the opening part of casement windows in the market, and its sealing effect is better. The sliding window is generally locked with hook lock or latch, and its sealing effect is not ideal

therefore, the casement window is generally better than the sliding window in terms of three properties. This is why most high-end commercial and residential buildings choose to use casement windows

3. Price comparison

in terms of price, there is little difference between casement windows and sliding windows of the same grade, and casement windows are slightly higher than sliding windows

4. Function comparison

in terms of use function, the sliding window is favored by the majority of users because of its flexible opening and convenient and simple operation; In contrast, casement windows are generally connected by hinges, and they are generally opened by handles, so they are often less flexible in operation than sliding windows

5. Process comparison

in terms of processing and manufacturing, the sliding window is generally simple in structure and has no special requirements for equipment, so it is convenient for small workshop or on-site processing and manufacturing; Because the casement of casement window is generally connected by aluminum alloy corner code, it needs better corner striking machine to produce excellent aluminum alloy casement window

there is no one who is absolutely perfect in home decoration between casement windows and sliding windows. You can choose the most suitable door and window for your home according to the above introduction

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