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Ceramic tiles are widely used in decoration, but how to choose good ceramic tiles is also a science. Now let's take a look at some features of selected ceramic tiles

tiles are widely used in decoration, but how to choose good tiles is also a science. Now let's take a look at some features of selected ceramic tiles

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wear resistance

the wear resistance of ceramic tiles can generally be divided into five degrees. Once poor wear resistance, suitable for walls or places with little human activity. The second degree wear resistance is slightly better, and it can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms and other rooms, because the friction of people on the ground here is relatively small. The third degree wear resistance is moderate, and it can be laid in the living room, kitchen and other rooms where people often walk around. Four degree wear resistance is high, which can be used in porches, corridors, or public places. Five degrees has ultra-high wear resistance. It is generally used in public places such as stations and airports, and it is not necessary for families

water absorption

due to the different functions of wall tiles and floor tiles, the requirements for water absorption are also different. Wall tiles can choose tiles with high water absorption, while the floor should choose tiles with low water absorption. In the living room, it is best to choose the floor tiles with low water absorption, because the floor of the living room is easy to bring dirt because of frequent activities. The lower the water absorption of the ceramic tile, the higher its compactness. In this way, the dense brick hole is not easy to absorb water and dirt, which is more convenient for cleaning. In the bathroom, we should also choose floor tiles with low water absorption, because such tiles are not only easy to clean, but also will not deform due to excessive expansion

this method can be used to judge the water absorption of ceramic tiles. Drop a drop of water on the back of the sample tile and observe whether the water will be absorbed quickly. Tiles that do not absorb water or absorb water very slowly have low water absorption


when buying ceramic tiles, you can use the method of knocking fragments to test the hardness of ceramic tiles. Hold a corner of the tile with your fingers, let the tile hang naturally, and then gently tap the middle and lower part of the tile with your fingers. If the sound is crisp and metallic, it indicates that the ceramic tile is of good quality and high hardness. Such tiles have strong toughness, are not easy to break, and are not easy to crack and deform after paving. If the knocking sound is hoarse, dull and muddy, it indicates that cracks are likely to exist inside the ceramic tile, and the hardness is not high


the quality of ceramic tiles can also be identified from the appearance. The first is color difference. There should be no difference in color depth between tiles of the same variety. You can put several tiles together and look carefully in the light. The color of good tiles is basically the same, not different in depth. The second is the size. Tiles of the same variety should have the same side length, and the length of the opposite side of the same tile should also be the same. In addition, it also depends on whether the ceramic tile surface has uneven glaze, falling corners, needle holes and other defects. You can also scratch the surface of the ceramic tile with a hard object. If there is a scratch, it indicates that the ceramic tile is underglazed. When the glaze on the surface of such ceramic tiles is polished, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is very difficult to clean

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