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Anti dumping: the United States turns on the "yellow light" to Chinese pigments again.

after the U.S. textile, television, furniture and other manufacturers sought protection to resist the competition of Chinese cheap goods, the U.S. industry filed a new case against Chinese pigments. The frequency response and working stability of environmental friendly high and low voltage electronic aluminum foil products for electrolytic capacitors independently developed by relevant Chinese systems companies are once again threatened by high anti-dumping duties

on January 5, U.S. time, the International Trade Commission of the United States radiated the whole province from point to area, and imposed anti-dumping duties on industrial color additives imported from China and India (such additives are widely used in painting, plastics and printing oil) by 6:0

in the next two months, the US Department of Commerce will calculate and make a ruling on the imposition of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on pigments imported from China and India. If the result is affirmative, the final decision of the US International Trade Commission will be made at the end of April

this case was initiated by Sun Chemical Company and national Ford chemical company (NFC). This kind of pigment produced by Sun Chemical accounts for more than half of the total output of the United States. NFC is the only enterprise producing pigment raw materials in the United States, and all its products are provided to Sun Chemical. At present, Sun Chemical and NFC require India to impose 148% anti-dumping duty, while the anti-dumping duty on China's organic pigments is as high as 370%

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