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The United States withdrew the safeguard complaint on Chinese furniture fabrics

the National Textile Association of the United States filed an article 421 safeguard complaint on furniture fabrics and furniture fabrics from mainland China on July 20, but it was withdrawn soon. It seems that the appeal is withdrawn for technical reasons and may be filed again in the future

according to Article 421, the US International Trade Commission must determine whether the quantity of certain products imported from the mainland of China into the United States has increased significantly, which will or may interfere with the market and damage the local industries of the United States. If the Commission finds that the imported products cause interference and damage, it will recommend remedial measures, and the president can decide whether to implement them

in the appeal that has been withdrawn, the National Textile Association asserted that the profile is easy to curve (commonly known as big knife bend), and imposed 125% tariff on the fabrics with a total production and operation mileage of 8887 kilometers, and 75% tariff on other fabrics involved in the appeal. If the complaint is established, these tariffs will remain in force until december11,2013, i.e. the expiration of article 421

the US International Trade Commission shall make a preliminary decision and recommend remedial measures within 60 days after receiving the complaint. The case will then be referred to the USTR office for further discussion and recommendations, which should be completed within 55 days after receiving the committee's recommendations. The president will make a final decision within 15 days after receiving the trade representative's proposal, and the president can follow the trade representative's proposal or decide not to take any measures

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