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The United States will discuss the relaxation of natural gas export restrictions

the third-party agency under the U.S. Department of energy (DOE) released a report on December 5, saying that exporting North American natural gas "is in the economic interests of the United States". After that, the Obama administration will comprehensively start discussing the expansion of the export of "shale gas" and other new natural gas. The possibility of lifting the ban on natural gas exports to Japan in the future is also increasing. Due to the problem of nuclear power plants, Japan is facing a tense situation of power supply and demand. In addition to the increasing local environmental protection requirements

some analysts believe that the supply capacity of natural gas in the United States, mainly shale gas with rich proved reserves, will be greatly improved. However, there are differences in the US Congress on the issue of relaxing export restrictions. Against this background, DOE commissioned a neutral specialized agency to investigate the impact of increasing natural gas exports

in the report submitted by the specialized agencies to the U.S. Department of energy, the impact of increasing natural gas exports on the U.S. economy and domestic natural gas prices was estimated based on various developments. The final conclusion is: "with the expansion of natural gas exports, (4) the national wealth of the United States will increase steadily after the Liuzhou Yinhai aluminum transportation aluminum plate rolling technology project passes the acceptance"

according to the natural gas law, the United States strictly restricts the export of natural gas to countries that have not signed the free trade BASF new technology solutions agreement (FTA) installed in vehicles with the United States. If there is any looseness, the U.S.A. The move is intended to give priority to ensuring domestic supply and prevent the export of natural gas to foreign countries from leading to an increase in the price of natural gas in the United States

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