The United States claims that fake and inferior el

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The United States claims that fake electronic parts made in China threaten the security of the United States.

according to the Global Times published on May 23, "as many as 1800 cases", "more than 1million fake electronic parts" and "70% come from China". According to the Global Times published on May 23, as many as 1800 cases, more than 1million fake electronic parts, 70% of which came from China. The fixture of these electronic universal experimental machines is also a very important part. Figure 21 appeared in a report of the US Senate Armed Services Committee. The United States calls these fake electronic parts time bombs because, according to the report, they have been installed on US military aircraft and are threatening us national security. Some media claim that this is far more than the crime of forging chanel bags and Rolex watches

according to the adjustment direction of the national industrial policy and the requirements of post disaster reconstruction, Honglei, spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, reminded the United States on the 22nd to think about who it was bought from. Russia's Independent newspaper commented that under the economic crisis, the Pentagon is looking for and purchasing cheap goods everywhere. The United States has no right to blame anyone but itself

British Broadcasting Company said on the 22nd that the report focused on China and was released just in time for the United States to start shifting the focus of its national defense strategy to the Asia Pacific region. The Pentagon plans to cut $450billion in spending over the next 10 years. If the US budget is cut across the board by the end of 2012, the Pentagon's budget will be further cut by $500billion

in addition to accusing China of threatening the national security of the United States with fake and shoddy electronic parts, the report also says that this also seriously threatens the economic security of the United States. The report cites the data of the semiconductor industry association of the United States as saying that fake and inferior parts cause American semiconductor companies to lose $7.5 billion in revenue every year, resulting in the loss of nearly 11000 jobs in the United States

the German Financial Times commented that if you think about what the damage to Sino US relations means to Boeing, a company that values China's future market, you will know what thorny problems will be brought to the United States by smearing China

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