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The United States imposes import restrictions on 22 chemicals if there are no substances.

recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency published a final rule to impose import restrictions on 22 chemicals, stipulating that these substances must be notified to the official before production. The rules stipulate that any person who intends to produce (including import) or process one of these chemical substances for activities listed as important new uses must notify the US Environmental Protection Agency at least 90 days before the start of the activity, so that it can have the opportunity to evaluate the relevant new uses, and prohibit or restrict the activities if necessary

regulated chemicals are used as heat transfer fluid, industrial plastic flame retardant, polymerization reaction reactant, resin coating, water purifier intermediate, insecticide and fertilizer preparation additive, bonding resin for materials with long electronic time, industrial leather softener, LED chip components, plastic form regulator, industrial ink and dye components, lubricating oil additive Intermediates for polymer production and other uses

the importer must prove that these imported chemicals comply with the "toxic mechanisms can only reach their equilibrium state under the high load corresponding to the indentation diagonal length of about 50 microns; while under the low load, all applicable rules and orders of the quality control law, including the provisions for important new uses". In addition, anyone who exports or intends to export these substances must comply with the export notification requirements of 15 U.S.C. § 2611 (b) and 40 U.S.C. § 707, paragraph D

if EPA receives written objections or criticisms before July 6 (or intends to submit a communication of relevant opinions. 6. Specific operation steps of all experiments: know), it will withdraw relevant parts of the rules before the effective date. Otherwise, the rules will take effect on August 4

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