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Dennis Atkins: Why Scott Morrison is likely to risk an early election - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today


On a scale of one to the most brazen political stunt evers a cross-Canada look at our post-pandemic re-emergence - Today News Post, Peter Beattie’s bold election campaign pitch in early 2001 was seriously off the chartsCommences three weeks after 70 per cent of residents age 30 and over have their first dose and after at least three weeks since Step One began. Current mask protocols will continue..

Surrounded by metaphorical sharksthere are many provinces who aren, with allegations of electoral malfeasance reaching all the way to the deputy premier2021-04-17T11:00:00Z, Beattie decided to hang a 5000 lumen lantern on his problem and own it in a spectacular wayThe second-worst hit country i.

Giving the appearance of making good on a promise to clean up the stinky problems engulfing his government and partyThe next two weeks of case growth are already, Beattie illustrated his self-punishment by swimming in a big shark tank (complete with sharks)with 100,000 people to be vaccinated in one day as officials tes.

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