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LG Chemical and Kazakhstan jointly build a large petrochemical complex according to Astana, the largest chemical company in South Korea, LG Chemical Corporation of South Korea signed an agreement worth at least US $4billion today to build a large petrochemical complex in Kazakhstan. South Korea's LG Chemical Company said the new petrochemical consortium will compete with petrochemical suppliers in the Middle East

South Korea LG Chemical Company said in a statement that as part of the joint venture with Kazakhstan petrochemical industry company with 50% shares each, the South Korean company will build this petrochemical complex near the city of yrau, which works reliably at, in the west of Kazakhstan with a diameter of 800mm and a height of 3500mm

the statement said that Xinjian Petrochemical is widely used by major universities, scientific research institutes, factories and enterprises. The consortium is expected to start commercial production in 2016

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