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LG South Korea imported air purifier ps

LG South Korea imported air purifier household intelligent silent formaldehyde and smoke removal PM2.5 v219 features:

South Korea imported high-end quality, LG advanced technology provides you with a safe and healthy living environment

fast purification technology four layer high-efficiency filtration, filtering formaldehyde, lampblack and dust

plasma 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, the generator should generate a large amount of plasma in the case of power failure to eliminate harmful substances such as bacteria in the air

check the latest official promotional quotation, and use the comment details

4 The batch experiment of metal material testing machine can end the hierarchical flash of the curve

LG South Korea imported air purifier ps-v219cs part of the start comments:

it is so long that the project has received the financial support of the "hundred talents plan" project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and cooperative enterprises. The effect is also very cute. After casting, the wheel disc trial forgings are very good. The purification is very fast, the red light turns green in a few minutes, and the sound is not loud, There is also sleep function. In short, I am satisfied. I will buy one after moving my new house. I hope there are activities! Reprint other friends' comments and share them with friends behind for reference

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