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First level windows written test simulation questions and answers (I)

I. multiple choice questions

1. MIPS is commonly used in the computer field to describe _u____

a, the computing speed of the computer B, the reliability of the computer C, the operability of the computer D, the scalability of the computer

2. In the microcomputer storage system, prom is _u____

a, read write memory B, dynamic random access memory c, read only memory D, programmable read only memory

3, press 16 × The 16 dot matrix stores the first-class Chinese characters (a total of 3755) in the national standard GB, which takes up about ______

a, 1mbb, 512KB C, 256Kb D, 128kb

4, WPS, word and other word processing software belong to _u___

a, management software B, network software C, application software D, system software

5. In all kinds of computer operating systems, time-sharing system is a kind of _u___

a, single user batch operating system B, multi-user batch operating system

c, single user interactive operating system D, multi-user interactive operating system

6, configure cache ⑵? Cache) is to solve _____

a, the speed mismatch between memory and auxiliary memory B, the speed mismatch between CPU and auxiliary memory

c, the speed mismatch between CPU and internal memory D, the speed mismatch between host and peripherals

7, the instruction sequence designed to solve a specific problem is called _____

a, document B, language C, program D, system

8. Among the following terms, what belongs to the performance index of the display is _u___

a, speed B, reliability C, resolution D, accuracy

9. The core component of microcomputer hardware system is _u___

a, motherboard B, CPU C, memory D, i/o equipment

10. If a non-zero Xinda Group R & D team adopts the internationally advanced extrusion and injection molding equipment symbol, add two zeros to the right of the binary integer to form a new number, then the value of the new number is _uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

a, four times B, two times C, one quarter D, one half

11. Computer virus is a kind of _u__

a, special computer components B, game software C, man-made special programs D, infectious biological viruses

12, the most important working characteristics of computers are

a, stored program and automatic control B, high speed and high precision C, reliability and availability D, memory ability

13. In the state of word, a total of two documents are created, and there is no "save" or "save as" operation for these two documents, then ______

a, both document names appear in the "file" menu B, both document names appear in the "window" menu

c, only the first document name appears in the "file" menu D, only the second document name appears in the "window" menu

14, in the state of word, set the page number for the document, you can use ______

a, to sum up, the "tools" menu focuses on the command B in the relevant introduction to the characteristics and normal maintenance of the pendulum impact tester, the command

c in the "" menu, the command D in the "format" menu, and the command

15 in the "insert" menu. In the state of word, after clicking the button on the right side of the title bar of the document window, it will _____

a, close the window B, open a blank window C, make the document window monopolize the screen D, shrink the current window

16, the button displayed on the right side of the title bar of the word main window is ___

a, minimize button B, restore button C, close button D, maximize button

17. In the state of word, to simulate and display the printing effect, you should click _uu_____inthe common toolbar

a, B, C, D,

18. In the state of word, the current document is the C document in disk C. to copy the document to the floppy disk, you should use _u_____

a, "save as" command in the "file" menu B, "save" command in the "file" menu

c, "new" command in the "file" menu D, "insert" menu command

19. In the state of word, the fonts in the current document are all in Song typeface. Select a paragraph of text to make it display inversely in industries where energy storage is also a heavy asset. Set regular script first, and then set imitation Song typeface

a, the full text of the document is in regular script B, the selected content is still in Song Dynasty style

c, the selected content is changed to imitation Song Dynasty style D, the font of all the text of the document remains unchanged

20, in the state of word, a new document "document 1" is currently being created, and when the "save" command in the "file" menu is executed ____

a, the "document 1" is saved to disk B, the "save as" dialog box pops up for further operation

c, automatically save in the name of "document 1" D, cannot save in the name of "document 1"

21, in the state of word, the document window displays a horizontal ruler, then the current view mode ______

Successfully developed and mass produced graphene based fast charging mobile power supply

a, it must be normal view or page view mode B, it must be page view or outline view mode

c, it must be full screen view mode D, it must be full screen view or outline view mode

22. In the state of word, to set the title of the current document to the center format, you should first move the insertion point to the title, Then click _u______inthe format toolbar

a, B, C, D,

23, entered in Excel worksheet

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