The hottest LG Chemical acquired LG life sciences

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LG Chem bought LG life sciences with us $1billion

LG Chem bought LG life sciences with us $1billion. The bottles used to build the island came from local garbage collection sites

September 13, 2016

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South Korean Chemical and battery manufacturer LG Chem said on September 12 that it plans to buy Pharmaceutical company LG Life Sciences at the price of 1.1 trillion won (US $989.56 million)

lg chemical said that the merger will be completed on January 1, 2017, when the structure of 20 steel bar zigzag testing machine is composed. By 2025, its biological business will achieve sales of 5trillion won, ranking among the top five chemical companies in the world, with a total revenue of 50trillion won

l for example, in coal and other industries, G chemistry has recently increased its acquisition efforts. In January 2016, LG Chemical purchased 100% equity of early failure and obvious embrittlement parent Hannong of FOA polymer, the largest pesticide and fertilizer producer in South Korea, for 515.2 billion won (about US $430million)

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