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LG Xianhui series washing machine inner barrel capacity, LG washing machine JD joint customized model is what

lg Xianhui series washing machine is a model jointly customized with It has powerful functions, with a capacity of 10 kg, 10.5 kg, 13.2 kg and other capacities, which is suitable for the needs of different users. Let's take a look at the characteristics of LG Xianhui series washing machine and the quotation and comments of popular models, for the choice and reference of friends in need

I. LG Xianhui computer will continuously collect various experimental data to list the functional characteristics of washing machines

lg Xianhui series washing machine sample adopts the fifth generation of artificial intelligence DD motor. Through the analysis of LG washing database, it can sensitively perceive the characteristics, soft and hard shape and weight of sensor clothing, and customize the washing mode. While washing cleaner, the protection of clothing materials is more refined. After testing, it can effectively reduce 18% of clothing damage *. At the same time, according to the health needs of families at present, it is equipped with disinfectant reassuring washing and 95 ℃ high-temperature boiling and washing procedures as standard. It has a high video frequency to protect the health of families

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II. Quotation and comments on popular models of LG Xianhui series washing machines:

1. Reference price of LG Xianhui series drum washing machine flx10n4w

reference price: ¥ 3329.00 (see activity quotation)

recommended comments: 10.5 kg capacity, fully automatic, AI variable frequency direct drive, 95 ℃ high temperature cooking and washing, 30 minutes quick washing,

super beautiful and tall, very energy-saving, clean and refreshing. The family has been using LG for 20 years, which is loyal powder, and the capacity of a family of three is enough.

2. LG Xianhui steam upgraded fcy10y4w

reference price: ¥ 3989.00 (check JD live quotation)

recommended comments: 10kg drum washing machine, automatic AI frequency conversion direct drive, steam sterilization, 550mm ultra-thin body, 14 minutes quick washing,

the washing machine received, with good quality, beautiful style and fast logistics

the sound is not loud when washing, but slightly louder when rinsing and dehydration. Overall, it is still very good. Perfect, the product is amazing, cost-effective, hope to use for a long time

3. LG Xianhui series flw13nwb

reference price: ¥ 8999.00 (check activity quotation)

recommended comments: 13.2kg drum washing machine is fully automatic, AI intelligent frequency conversion, fast cleaning with 14 minutes of quick spraying, mother and baby washing in different areas, which is very easy to use. The upper layer washes general clothes, the lower layer washes underwear and intimate clothes, and children's clothes and pants can also be washed with the lower layer, which is also tall, Good

III. summary of LG Xianhui series washing machine:

lg Xianhui series washing machine inner barrel capacity, LG washing machine to set aside anchor screws and holes for lower jaw screw rods and other wire device pipelines, what is the customized model for installation? Introduction, I hope it can help you choose LG Xianhui series washing machine and then detect the error voltage as a reference

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