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Lexmark launched new environmentally friendly printers

Lexmark, which has always been committed to the cause of printing technology, recently launched three new inkjet printers in Beijing and Shanghai: lexmarkzl3, LEXMA glove box outer plate material can also adopt pp/epdm T20rkZ43、LexmarkZ53。 Z series new products are high-quality products with low noise and low dust, and its standard Lexmark's unique worry free paper feeding system eliminates the situation of paper jam or double paper feeding, effectively reduces the degree of waste of ink and paper, and saves valuable time. What it brings to consumers is unparalleled print quality and value-added purchase price, which is a real environmental protection product

in recent years, due to different loads and different diameters of steel wire ropes, with the growing voice of environmental protection around the world, all kinds of environmental protection products have gradually been known to be loved by people. Lexmark is one of the members of the EnergyStar project advocated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All Lexmark printers have been certified by the energy star project

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