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LGD launched the 8.5 generation OLED production line in Guangzhou and is about to mass produce

it is reported that LG display (LGD) has started the trial operation of Guangzhou 8.5 generation OLED production line, with the goal of achieving a stable mass production system from June to July, and will officially announce the start of mass production as soon as the end of August. According to Korean media et news, LGD is scheduled to officially announce the start of mass production of Guangzhou OLED production line at the end of August, with the short-term goal of pursuing yield and production stability

once its OLED line is put into operation, the monthly output of LG display's large OLED panels will increase from 2.9 million in 2018 to 4million. LG display predicts that its OLED sales will account for more than 30% of the entire TV panel business this year, and its goal is to produce at least 10million units in 2021

When the oil delivery handwheel is opened, LG display is considering putting its OLED production line into operation in the third quarter, but it decided to promote the plan as much as possible and establish a mass production system at the end of the first half of the year. An insider pointed out, "LG display is trying to promote the progress of its OLED plant in Guangzhou."

the biggest task of OLED production line is to achieve "gold production" in a short time. Because LG Di's tensile testing machine for high molecular polymers is different from the usual tensile testing machine for material tensile properties, splay's factory in South Korea has been stable, so it is necessary to minimize the time required for the new factory to achieve "gold production"

lgd Guangzhou OLED production line will adopt the Multi Size Mixed cutting (MMG) process to simultaneously produce two sizes of panels on a single master. Since the risk of MMG process is higher than that of producing more and more user boards with a single size, whether the production line can reach 80% yield in the shortest period of time almost determines the success or failure of LGD's investment

previously, LGD achieved mass production and yield goals in a short time in the newly built LCD factory. Although OLED is different from LCD, LGD still hopes to stabilize the production line in this mode

lgd's large-size OLED panel output is expected to spark competition in the global high-end TV market; TV enterprises increase the production of OLED TVs, and the product price is expected to decline. In the face of competitors focusing on 8K and super large LCD TVs, OLED TVs should have the opportunity to increase their share in the high-end market

lgd regards Chinese Mainland as a market with great growth potential. In addition, Hisense has invested in the OLED TV camp. Vizio is also scheduled to launch the first OLED TV in 2020. Together with the OLED product strategies of major TV companies such as LG Electronics, Sony, Skyworth, Changhong, etc., there are opportunities to stimulate the growth of demand in the Chinese Mainland high-end TV market

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