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Mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge points of the second-class constructor examination: mechanical equipment installation procedures

mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge points: mechanical equipment installation procedures. We need to accumulate bit by bit to prepare for the 2019 examination. To this end, today I'd like to share with you the electromechanical engineering knowledge points of the secondary constructor examination: mechanical equipment installation procedures, hoping to help you prepare for the 2019 secondary constructor examination

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I. General procedures for mechanical equipment installation

unpacking inspection Foundation Measurement and setting out foundation inspection and acceptance sizing block setting, hoisting in place, installation accuracy adjustment and testing equipment fixation and grouting equipment assembly lubrication we are trying to expand our material combination and equipment refueling test run

[2012 level II real problem] Tangshan City, the late worker who hoisted the equipment in place, has issued a yellow warning and production restriction order for this month's major activities. The sequence is ()

a. equipment cleaning

b. equipment grouting

c. equipment installation and adjustment

d. sizing block installation

"correct answer" c

"answer analysis" this question examines the general procedure of mechanical equipment installation. General procedures for mechanical equipment installation: unpacking inspection, foundation measurement, setting out, foundation inspection and acceptance, sizing block setting, hoisting in place, installation accuracy adjustment and testing, equipment fixation and grouting, equipment assembly, lubrication and equipment refueling test run. See textbook P60

II. Main process contents of mechanical equipment installation

1 Unpacking inspection

count, register and inspect the equipment and its parts one by one according to the name, specification and model according to the equipment packing list and accompanying technical documents, and important parts and components need to be inspected according to the quality standards to form inspection records

2. Basic surveying and setting out

(1) the positioning basis of equipment installation is usually called datum line (plane) and datum point (elevation)

(2) before the mechanical equipment is in place, the datum line and datum point for equipment installation shall be delimited according to the process layout drawing and the axis, edge line and elevation line of relevant buildings. The plane position and elevation of all equipment installation shall be measured based on the determined datum line and datum point

(3) the vertical and horizontal center lines of the production line and the center lines of the main equipment should be buried with permanent center line standard plates, and permanent elevation reference points should be buried next to the main equipment, so that there is a reliable basis for the installation process and production maintenance, such as the main axis of the sintering machine (longitudinal center line) and the axis of the big star wheel at the head (horizontal center line). Settlement observation points shall be set for important, heavy and special equipment to monitor and analyze the changes of the foundation during the installation and use of the equipment. For example: steam turbine generator unit, turbine compressor unit

4. Sizing block setting

the role of sizing block setting is to align and level the mechanical equipment. By adjusting the thickness of sizing block, the equipment installation can reach the elevation and levelness required by the design or specifications; Second, the weight of the equipment, the working load and the preload generated by tightening the anchor bolts can be evenly transmitted to the foundation through the sizing block

7. Equipment fixation and grouting

equipment grouting is divided into primary grouting and secondary grouting. Primary grouting refers to the grouting of the anchor bolt hole after the rough alignment of the equipment. Secondary grouting refers to the grouting between the base and foundation of the blending modified composite equipment after the precise alignment of the equipment

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