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LG does not provide OLED panels to iPhone x Samsung's only supplier

according to Reuters, South Korean panel manufacturer LG display said in a regulatory document on Thursday that the company would not supply OLED panels to Apple iPhone X this year

lg display also added in this document that it has not yet made a decision whether it will provide OLED panels to iPhone X in the future

previously, the Korean Herald reported that LG display may soon supply OLED panels to iPhone X. At present, LG display is installing production equipment and is expected to be put into use next June, supplying apple with about 60million OLED displays

at present, Samsung is still the only screen supplier for iPhone X in a short time, which will reduce the weight of the car itself. It is a very reliable way, which leads to apple being restricted by Samsung in terms of bargaining power. However, in the long run, LG is likely to compete for the order of OLED display of iPhone X in terms of transmission control

in order to obtain the bargaining power, apple is cooperating with LG to promote the R & D and production of OLED panels. At present, LG may have to wait until 2019 to achieve large-scale supply

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