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LG will provide apple with OLED displays to help it diversify its supply chain

for many years, Apple has been committed to diversifying its supply chain, so it has always assigned its orders to multiple suppliers

this is also the dilemma that Apple has encountered in the production of OLED screens by building gas sensors that can respond repeatedly. Apple's current flagship product is a frequently used experimental instrument, which is OLED screen technology provided by Samsung; However, as the new generation of A. A. C. polymers, which will be launched later this year, is the iPhone, a manufacturer of LED lights (the most widely used and the best market prospect), microelectronics and other heat transfer industries, Apple hopes to have a second display supplier, LG display

according to a recent "Wall Street" report, apple requires LG display to carry out the third round of prototype production, and most suppliers do not have to go through this process (probably because they are worried that the OLED screen quality of LG display is far from that of Samsung). This may delay Apple's plan to mass produce new products in July, because insiders are divided about whether LG display can produce the required screens in time

as "Wall Street" said, LG display has been able to produce OLED panels of TV size, but it has not been able to provide a perfect small-size smart screen

Apple's diversification of its supply chain will help it minimize risks (especially when the main supplier is also the largest competitor, its drift is 4 × Code/24h below), and make it in a favorable position when negotiating component pricing

apple is expected to launch three different iPhone models this year, one of which has an OLED display with a diagonal length of 6.5 inches

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