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Lgdisplay ultra thin TV promotes the sustainable development of the industry

in recent years, the emerging Internet industry has developed rapidly, while the traditional household appliance industry, such as the TV industry, is facing more growth pressure. With the popularity of 4K UHD TV in 2014, the TV industry has burst out again with strong vitality. In 2015, on the hot concept of 4K, major manufacturers are eager to achieve the latest added value to achieve sustainable development. Is it the LCD curved TV launched last year? Maybe this is not the best answer

at the artslim TV media conference held on April 15, lgdisplay gave the answer to this question - ultra light and thin TV. Challenging the extreme 7.5mm ultra-thin body, coupled with 4-color 4K Ultra HD image quality, it can be called the current strongest combination. Lgdisplay, which has always been low-key, quietly played a good game this time. The United machine manufacturers cheered up and announced that the era of ultra light and thin TV has arrived

grasp the core needs and achieve win-win results for all parties

when asked why Bo Yi TV was launched this year, Huang Longqi, vice president of lgdisplay, said: "Consumers will consider many factors when buying TVs, including image quality, size, design, etc. as the core of home space design, consumers' demand for TV appearance design is becoming more and more prominent. Now most TVs can not fully meet the needs of consumers because of technical problems. Thin art TV is a product with both light appearance design and perfect image quality. Its launch also symbolizes the full satisfaction of consumers TV can eliminate the influence of machine weight on force value. The beginning of the era of consumer demand. "

Jin Minggui, President of lgdisplaytv development, said that after years of efforts, the integrated module design was adopted to closely fit the backlight module with the LCD glass to reduce the thickness and weight of the panel. In addition to being extremely light and thin in view of various favorable factors, the thin art hard screen also adopts differentiated designs such as borderless, which provides greater creative space and possibility for machine manufacturers to develop and design products. Consumers benefit from the ultra light and thin TVs provided by complete machine manufacturers

Huang Longqi, vice president, also pointed out that compared with LCD curved surface TVs on the market now, the biggest competitiveness of thin art TVs lies in both internal and external repair. The 7.5mm ultra-thin design can seamlessly fit the wall, realize the perfect wall hanging, and improve the space utilization and the harmony of home space. The 4-color 4K technology with white subpixels ensures the perfect image quality of Ultra HD. The LCD curved surface TV has increased in thickness and weight due to its curved structure. At the same time, due to the forced bending of liquid crystal, it is difficult to present the best image quality

Bo Yi TV has provided new benefits to complete machine manufacturers and consumers, which is also the win-win situation of panel manufacturers, complete machine manufacturers, sellers and consumers mentioned by vice president Huang Longqi

crossover art, Create a new idea

executive Li Tinghan, vice president of global promotion of lgdisplay, said at the scene: "in the early stage of thin art hard screen research and development, lgdisplay conducted a family survey in China, the United States and Germany, and found that consumers have been buying automated systems in the production and manufacturing for many years, and the proportion of the impact of TV design has increased significantly. Chinese consumers see design as a purchasing factor second only to image quality performance."

in 2014, in order to create the differentiation of TV products, curved LCD TV was born. However, after more than a year of development, both the sales performance and the consumer research of authoritative institutions show that the curved LCD TV still has a long way to go to win the hearts of consumers. The traditional flat-panel TV, coupled with the ultra light and thin body, will be the first choice for consumers in the next few years

executive Li Tinghan also said that in the same survey, they found that less than 50% of families currently use wall mounted TVs, but 70% said they intended to use wall mounted TVs. Chinese consumers have a particularly high preference for wall mounted installations, with up to 74% of Chinese consumers inclined to choose wall mounted installations. Therefore, lgdisplay also boldly proposed the art revolution of home space with ultra light and thin TV

Ye Yuxuan, an internationally renowned designer, explained the various applications of thin art TV in the current home space design in simple terms around the concept of "Da Dao Zhi Jian" and "lessismore" at the event site. Executive Li said that this is a cross-border artistic attempt of the experimental machine to adopt the microcomputer controlled whole experimental process in the promotion of thin art TV, and there will be more promotional activities around home space design in the future

diversification strategy, continuous manufacturing of air outlets

4k image quality and appearance design will be the main direction of TV development in the next few years. According to DisplaySearch, in the leading quarter of 2014, the penetration rate of 4K TV worldwide was only 3.1%. By the end of 2014, the penetration rate had soared to 10%. In China, AVC research statistics show that during the Spring Festival Promotion, the penetration rate of high-end 4K TV is as high as 38%. Therefore, there is no doubt about the development trend of 4K TV. In terms of appearance design, lgdisplay is determined to deeply cultivate ultra light and thin TVs and make them bigger and stronger

Lishangxun, marketing president of lgdisplaytv, stressed in the interview that lgdisplay's current short-term strategic deployment is to continue to develop thin art hard screens, develop lighter and thinner display panels of various sizes, and provide leading technologies such as 8K and HDR to partners and consumers through new R & D products

artslim thin art TV exhibition area

at present, thin art hard screen has launched 55 and 65 sizes of products, and in the second half of the year, 49 and other multi size products will be launched to meet the various purchase needs of consumers

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