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Dynamic analysis of high and low pressure polyethylene market (8.27

high pressure polyethylene: this week, the domestic high pressure polyethylene market continues to show the characteristics of low peak season, and the market price is still in the state of dividing Dow DuPont into three independent listed companies: Dow, DuPont and cortevaagriscience TM. Recently, some high-pressure production enterprises have cut prices, and the speed is getting faster and faster, which has also led to a more lax market sentiment and increasingly light transactions. At present, there is no sign that the downstream agricultural film products market has been started, and the operating rate of the downstream processing industry is still not high. Therefore, it is estimated that the characteristics of the digital electronic tensile testing machine and the peak season of normal protection this year will lag by about a month, especially the digestion of imports in the early stage will take some time, which will lead to the market unable to stabilize. In addition, so far, the import quota of membrane materials in the third quarter has not been issued, which has formed a great psychological pressure on the market. It is expected that the market will remain depressed in the near future, and it is difficult to rebound. These will become the key to affect the later trend of polyethylene

low pressure polyethylene: this week, the domestic low-pressure polyethylene market has declined again. Poor sales have led enterprises to reduce factory prices, which has also led to the overall market price breaking through the 7000 yuan mark again, with a minimum of about 6900 yuan/ton. Analyze the reasons why the market fell again. First, the current situation of oversupply in the market is becoming more and more serious. 1. The material reaction production enterprises broke out again in a price war to occupy the market; Second, the market entry mood of middlemen is very low, and the phenomenon of selling goods at low prices is common; Third, low-cost imports are still impacting the market, and the price is at least yuan/ton lower than the market price. Although some polyethylene production units abroad have stopped production for some reasons recently, imports have not been more stable and have not decreased. It is expected that the domestic low-pressure polyethylene market will continue to decline slightly in the short term under the influence of these adverse factors

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