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Dynamic analysis of low-pressure polyethylene market (11.19

this week, some domestic low-pressure polyethylene markets continued to decline, and the low-pressure wire drawing material market has fallen to about 5500 yuan/ton, while the injection plastic market has also fallen to about 5400 yuan/ton, which is the lowest point in recent three years. Recently, although domestic low-pressure imports have decreased, the price was generally low on April 10, with the price of low-pressure wire drawing material at $450/ton (5260 yuan/ton), plastic injection is 440 dollars/ton (5146 yuan/ton). Such a low price also has a certain negative impact on the psychology of the domestic low-voltage market. In addition, the continuous decline of the international crude oil market and the more sluggish domestic demand at the end of the year will also hit the domestic low-pressure market impact testing machine. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the country's largest manufacturer, will inform you of all the operations of the testing machine and the trend of the later stage of the problem-solving market. It is estimated that the slight decline will continue, But it is estimated that it is unlikely to fall below the 5000 yuan/ton mark

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