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Dust prevention measures for coal falling operation in coal mine shaft

in blasting mining or air pick mining face, the coal dust generated by coal falling is very large. In addition to the dust prevention measures of pre wetting coal body, a variety of dust prevention measures must be taken during coal falling operation. These measures are:

(1) wet drilling with hydropower drilling. Use hollow fried dough twist drill pipe and wet Hall potential ≠ 0; B system has a good linear coal bit when Z is 2mm, the water supply pressure is generally 0.2 ~ 1.0 MPa, and the water supply volume is 5 ~ 7 L/min, so that the discharged pulverized coal becomes paste. The coal mining face should have a water supply system for hydropower drills

(2) water cannon mud is used for shooting. Each blast hole can be filled with 1-2 pieces of water cannon mud, which can be placed at both ends of the explosive respectively or centrally placed at one end of the orifice by using the external sealing method. The professional manufacturer of research and development, production, sales and after-sales can then seal it with cannon mud

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(3) shooting spray. Wash the coal side with water before blasting, wash it again after blasting and before coal discharge, and wet the surface of the coal. When shooting, open the water curtain spray set in the working face and the upper outlet to reduce dust

(4) dust prevention of artificial acid coal. In the process of coal discharging, spray water while discharging coal to reduce the flying of coal dust. In the relocation of the pillar, the waste emulsion discharged when the external injection monomer hydraulic pillar is removed from the pillar can also wet the floating coal

(5) spray devices can be set at the transfer points of all scraper conveyors in the coal mining face to reduce a large amount of flying dust generated by transfer

(6) adopt wet air pick to drop coal. Add a water supply system to the ordinary air pick body. At present, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells on the market is about 20% to 21%. Use the automatic control valve to make the air pick spray water when it is working. The nozzle points to the drill head to catch the coal dust produced during coal breaking in time, and the dust reduction rate can reach more than 70%

(7) in steeply inclined coal seams, long blastholes can be used for water sealed blasting to drop coal. The blastholes are arranged along the full length of the inclination. After charging, fill the holes with water, and then seal the holes for blasting, which can effectively reduce the amount of coal dust and gas. One shot can be fired to collapse the coal with a cycle progress, and the coal can be transported out by itself

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