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Design of dust emission device for r6063b six color Manroland offset press

our company has one r6063b six color Manroland offset press (specification: 1020mm × If the impact resistance testing machine system can be properly modified (720mm), due to the need for a large amount of powder spraying during printing, some dust is partially adsorbed by the graphics and text of the printed matter, and other non adsorbed powder. The main structural characteristics of the machine: the dust is dispersed through the paper receiving channel and suspended in the air. Because the dust particles are small and all pervasive, it causes serious pollution to the paper receiving department, central ink mixing desk, main electrical control cabinet, workshop air conditioner, etc., accelerates the wear of mechanical parts, affects the electrical service life, and seriously endangers the health of operators

then, how to overcome this phenomenon? We found that installing a dust absorption and emission device at the grid above the paper latching table while the impact force value displays the maximum value during the retraction of the machine can absorb most of the dust and effectively inhibit the dust diffusion. The dust discharge device we designed is shown in Figure 1. After testing, the device has little adverse effect on the paper receiving. For paper jam, the paper is received neatly; For thin paper, when printing, the air volume is reduced, and the impact is also small. Moreover, the problem of dust pollution is well solved. At the same time, the device is also applicable to other types of offset printing machines with Manroland split specifications

the materials and costs required to design such a dust discharge device are as follows

1. Prepare materials

1 set φ 250mm high-power axial flow fan (can be purchased locally)

220v or 380V AC power supply, Manroland offset press comes with it

whether the power supply is single-phase or three-phase is determined by the fan

white iron sheet

20mm wide triangle iron


air volume regulating valve( φ 250mm);

blue paint

φ The length of 250mm air duct depends on the actual situation, and the air duct can extend out of the workshop

use 20mm wide triangular iron to make the skeleton, and the skeleton is wrapped with white iron sheet. White iron sheet is required to be fine, strong and durable. After making the suction hood, paint it with blue paint to integrate it with the natural color of the machine

2. Cost budget

white iron sheet is about 100 yuan

triangle iron is about 100 yuan

φ One 250mm axial flow fan is about 260 ~ 300 yuan

boom 31. Service temperature: 1035 ℃ 0 yuan

regulating valve 20 yuan

source: Printing Technology

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