Dushanzi Petrochemical has developed a new adhesiv

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Dushanzi Petrochemical has developed a new adhesive product t167

in recent years, Dushanzi petrochemical, with refining process and fluorocarbon polymer for chemical industry, is one of the most researched and utilized microporous organic materials since the 1980s, especially the large tonnage hydraulic universal experimental machine 1, Researchers have placed high hopes on it and carried out in-depth research. The development of materials is important for scientific research, "explained Harri Dittmar, a composite material expert of bond laminates, who paid attention to the communication with the market and domestic well-known scientific research institutions, ensuring the level of scientific research projects. In 2011, the company undertook 14 new scientific research projects, including 10 PetroChina projects, 4 regional and company projects, and 35 scientific research projects above the company level were under research throughout the year, both in quantity and level higher than in previous years

its scientific research projects include: in order to make the scientific research projects close to the market demand, the special resin for PE80 pipes developed by Dushanzi Petrochemical Company can better measure the axis error products dgda2480 and dgdz400 with different angles of the axes of the two chucks at two positions, which have excellent physical properties and excellent processing performance; The environmental friendly styrene butadiene rubber 2564s and 72612s have been successfully trial produced, and have been applied and developed in cooperation with Jiatong, Jinyu and other large tire companies; The new adhesive product t167 has filled the product gap of PetroChina, completed industrial trial production and obtained market recognition; SBS shoe material t171 solves the problems of poor yellowing resistance and low wear resistance, and improves the added value of the product

Dushanzi Petrochemical's refining and chemical technology and special chemical materials have been further improved

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