Dynamic analysis of recent Asian octanol Market

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Recent dynamic analysis of octanol market in Asia

market quotation on February 10: CFR Southeast Asia dollars/ton, up $20 from last week's price; CFR China dollar/ton, compared with the price last week. 4. Under any circumstances until normal, the operators of shuangmo biological microscope cannot use cotton balls, dry cloth blocks or dry mirrors. The requirements for the equipment in the later stage will also continue to increase, and the head paper will wipe the lens surface by $20

the price of octanol rose moderately in Asia, and the price of propylene soared due to the shortage of naphtha in the upstream. Octanol is bullish, and its operating rate in China is still low due to the poor conditions of downstream DOP device and the low-pressure sealing of stage 2

nevertheless, the negotiation price of octanol in the domestic East China market is about 7800 yuan/ton (Kuti), higher than the price level before the holiday, mainly due to the shortage of raw materials. Market participants regard the inappropriate volume of cargo arriving at the port as a key factor in the rising price of octanol

it is said that there are two transactions of raw materials from Japan, the transaction price is 870 US dollars/ton (CFR China), and the credit period is 90 days, but few suppliers can reach this price. CFR China quoted more than $900/ton, but buyers were unwilling to bid at this level

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