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Dynamic analysis of the global pure benzene Market

domestic pure benzene: today, the quotations of Sinopec, PetroChina systems and its subordinates are stable; Fushun aromatics plant still has no qualified products. Youxiao made the upper and lower jaws different, saying that several major pure benzene manufacturers of Sinopec increased their export efforts in November to alleviate the inventory pressure caused by the reduction of downstream demand

the trend of pure benzene Market in all parts of the country is stable, and the mainstream quotation has not changed significantly from yesterday, nor has the market negotiation changed significantly. The mainstream quotation of pure benzene in East China is 7450 yuan/ton (out of the tank), I heard that the transactions are concentrated in, the mainstream quotation of pure benzene Market in South China is 7450 yuan/ton (out of the tank), and the transactions are also at this price. The mainstream quotation of pure benzene in North China is yuan/ton (out of the tank), and the transaction negotiations are mostly in yuan/ton. At present, the domestic pure benzene market is tepid, and there are not many negotiations and transactions in various places. The maintenance of many downstream devices has reduced the demand. At the same time, the spot resources are limited. Due to the uncertain trend of the external market in late November and December, the mentality of the shippers is complex, and the replenishment and enthusiasm for the external market are not high

us pure benzene: the international oil price fell sharply after rising for three consecutive days. The US pure benzene trend was stable in October and closed at cents/gallon. In November, the price continued to rise by 4 cents/gallon to close at cents/gallon FOB

it is rumored that there are several spot pure benzene transactions, but none of them has been confirmed. In November, the negotiated price rose by 4 cents/gallon. In the early afternoon, the FOB quotation was 345-360 cents/gallon FOB HTC. DDP HTC price in November was about cents/gallon; DDP HTC was about 308-312 cents/gallon in December

Asian pure benzene: Trading in the Asian pure benzene spot market continued to be scarce, and the supply of goods was scarce in October and November. The closing price continued to rise by $15/ton to $per ton. The market focus was in the lower November, and the price fell by $20/ton to close at $per ton. Compared with November, the price of goods in December was lower than 35 US dollars/ton to US dollars/ton FOB South Korea

the next offer in November was $900 FOB South Korea, while the best bid was only $870/ton, from landmark. Landmark's closing bid in December was $835 FOB South Korea, but there was no response. In the morning, the intention of buying in January was $820 FOB. The U.S. aromatics market continues to strengthen, and the Asian market is still supported by the U.S. aromatics market

some traders still believe that there is a shortage of resources. Asian American arbitrage goods can generally export these eight items (it is estimated that 80000 tons, and the average monthly export volume of Asia is about 30000 tons), resulting in more tension in November. Sellers are reluctant to sell goods and few offers. The market outlook in December was sluggish, and a large number of Korean manufacturers also needed to sell the spot goods shipped in the second half of the month due to the high cost of recycling, but at present, there is only 0 20000 tons were negotiated for export to the United States

European pure benzene: the market has strong demand for the shipping schedule in October. European pure benzene rose again by about $25, and closed at $per ton cifara in November. The discount was expanded to $70/ton between October and November; The discount between November and December is 35 dollars/ton

due to the limited supply of goods in October, buyers are interested in purchasing goods in October, but their interest in goods shipped in November is flat. In the morning, the shipment price in October was between USD/ton CIF ARA, and then the offer climbed to USD 1010/ton CIF; The shipping schedule in November is 950, and the corresponding index value of the scale is -970 US dollars/ton CIF; The intention of shipping date in December is USD/ton CIF Ara. In the afternoon, the offer rose to 1030 US dollars/ton in October and 960 US dollars/ton CIF ara in November, and the market continued to rise; 1000 tons of turnover transactions were concluded at US $1038/ton CIF ARA, and Kolmar was sold to stasco. After that, the shipping price continued to rise in October, and another transaction was concluded at US $1045/ton CIF Ara. At the same time, 1000 tons of December shipping goods were traded at US $925/ton CIF ARA, and BP sold them to BMS

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