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How to remove the dust inside the ink-jet printer

an ink-jet printer has been used for a year, and it is stained with a lot of dust, which is afraid to cause many failures to the printer, like graphene new materials are popular nbsp; It is expected to ignite the era of industry 4.0. How to remove dust? What should we pay attention to? Dust may bring many troubles to printing, so in order to protect the printer, it is necessary to remove dust regularly

first open the cover plate of the inkjet printer and remove the dust, stains, ink stains and paper scraps inside the printer with a clean, soft and damp cloth. If there is too much dust, the guide shaft of the word carriage will not be lubricated well, which will hinder the movement of the print head in the printing process. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the dust and oil on the guide shaft, and add lubricating oil with good fluidity, such as sewing oil

when dedusting the interior of the inkjet printer:

1. Wipe the gear, not the area near the print head and ink cartridge

2. Generally, do not move the print head. In particular, the print head of some printers is in a mechanical locking state. From the development trend of China's plastic processing industry, the print head cannot be moved by hand. If the print head is forcibly moved, the mechanical part of the printer will be damaged

3. Do not use any paper products to clean the inside of the printer, so as to avoid leaving paper scraps in the printer

4. Volatile liquids (such as diluents, gasoline, and spray chemical cleaners) cannot be used to clean the printer, so the printer cannot be used temporarily to avoid damaging the surface of the printer

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