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Dust prevention measures for coking production

industrial dust in coking production is mainly coal dust and coke dust. Since the content of free silicon dioxide in coal dust and coke dust is less than 10%, the national health standard stipulates that the maximum allowable concentration is 10mg/m3. Basic principle: the pressure load is applied to a single pellet at the specified constant pressing speed, although its harmfulness is not as serious as that of silica dust. But long-term exposure also has certain hazards. The hazard is characterized by the higher dust concentration. The greater the possibility and harm of pneumoconiosis. At the same time, it is also closely related to the differences of human body. If the disease may or may not occur under the same production environment, the difference is obvious. This is related to the physiological preventive function of the respiratory system. Generally, people with respiratory diseases are prone to pneumoconiosis, which is worthy of attention. The prevention method is mainly the comprehensive measures of eight character dust prevention. Namely:

① water: wet operation to reduce dust flying

② dense: closed dust is easy to corrode the source in outdoor environment to prevent dust diffusion

③ wind: Silk wind dedusts and purifies

④ leather: technological innovation and technological revolution, reform the process so that it does not produce dust

⑤ protection: personal protection, necessary auxiliary measures

⑥ Management: maintenance management, establish various operation and maintenance systems

⑦ Education: publicity and education to improve the understanding of the necessity of dust control and pneumoconiosis prevention

⑧ inspection: supervise and inspect, especially regular dust measurement and health inspection

requirements for health auxiliary facilities in coking enterprises:

① in jobs with high temperature or dust, jobs prone to dirt and jobs with chemicals or poisons, shower equipment and bathtub equipment should be set up in 4% of other fields

② add or improve the workshop or the toilet near the workshop to ensure the measurement results of the experimental machine

③ set up changing rooms or lockers and equipment for washing, drying and disinfection of work clothes

④ the workshop or workplace should have rest rooms, dining rooms and food heating facilities

⑤ heating rooms should be set up for outdoor operations in cold seasons

⑥ set up special health rooms and equipment for female workers

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