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Dongguan changed coal to gas. The turnover rate of employees after the transformation of No. 1 Paperboard Factory is less than 1%

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core tips: [China Packaging News] it is reported that in promoting industrial enterprises to complete the task of changing coal to gas, Dongguan has formulated a task list of changing coal to gas for its own power plants, requiring 20 enterprises to

[China Packaging News] by the end of December 2018, In terms of promoting industrial enterprises to complete the task of changing coal to gas, Dongguan has formulated the task table of changing coal to gas for its own power plants, requiring 20 enterprises to complete the task of changing coal to gas by the end of December 2018. Among them, there are 16 in the paper industry, involving 47 sets of power equipment. There are 7 paper mills in Zhongtang town listed in the training channel gas plan of self owned power plants' coal to gas transformation with the help of provincial entrepreneur training, foreign training of Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau and other training channels

typical case 1

recently, Luobin, director of Dongguan development and Reform Bureau, led the steering group to go deep into Zhongtang town to promote the work of replacing coal with gas. The steering group visited Jinzhou paper, Jianhui paper and Shuangzhou paper to learn more about the promotion of coal to gas conversion in their own power plants. At present, the three enterprises are 9. Agitators: from 16W to retrograde, they have clearly indicated to speed up the capital investment in the coal to gas project

it is understood that Jinzhou paper and Jianhui paper have decided to adopt the transformation mode of new gas-fired cogeneration units, and Shuangzhou paper has adopted the transformation mode of rebuilding natural gas boilers. The total investment of the three enterprises' coal to gas projects is about 1.45 billion yuan. The design unit has been determined and the feasibility study has been prepared. The coal to gas project of Shuangzhou paper industry is expected to be completed and put into operation before the end of this year

Luo Bin said that the conversion of coal to gas in self provided power plants is the top priority of the blue sky defense work in Dongguan and the main measure to implement the task of reducing coal consumption in the city. The annual coal consumption of Zhongtang town exceeds 4million tons, accounting for more than a quarter of the city's coal consumption. We should set an example for the city's coal to gas work and ensure that the task of coal to gas is completed on schedule

typical case 2

a paper factory in Fenggang has an average annual emission reduction of 43 tons of pollutants from coal to gas.

"410000 yuan has been invested to transform a 6-ton diesel boiler, with an average annual emission reduction of 43 tons of pollutants, worth." Yesterday, zhaozhiqian, the factory director of yongfengyu paper (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yongfengyu") in Hongying Industrial Zone, Fenggang town, talked about the benefits of changing coal to gas

according to the introduction that overseas researchers are trying to use a variety of agricultural wastes such as hibiscus, banana, bamboo, sugarcane stalk fiber and coffee bean shell to make degradable plastics, yongfengyu set up a factory in Fenggang, Dongguan in 2003, mainly engaged in the production and sales of cardboard and ink printing cartons. At present, there are about 200 employees, and the annual output value can reach 250million yuan. Since June, 2012, yongfengyu has invested 410000 yuan to transform the original 6-ton diesel boiler into ENN natural gas boiler, greatly reducing exhaust gas emissions. Among them, the emission of nitrogen oxides decreased from 160 micrograms per cubic meter to 28 micrograms per cubic meter, and the generated smoke and dust decreased from 60 micrograms per cubic meter to 2.4 micrograms per cubic meter. Sulfur dioxide basically achieved zero emission, and the emission of three pollutants decreased by 85%, reducing the emission of pollutants by 43 tons per year

zhaozhiqian said that Yongfeng yuyizhi practiced the concept of environmental protection, encouraged employees to "turn waste into treasure", dared to innovate and practice, and gave generous rewards to employees who could put forward waste utilization, emission reduction and energy enhancement

zhaozhiqian also told that in the past, employees were always worried that the black smoke from the factory chimneys would damage their health. Basically, no one did the work of cleaning the chimneys. Now it is different. Clean energy, advanced production technology and equipment have been adopted, and the plant environment has been improved. In recent years, the employee turnover rate has been less than 1%

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