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The 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo 2015 came to a successful conclusion, and Juyuan appeared at the Guangzhou Construction Expo with its new products. This article shows you Juyuan's products and feels its modern style

the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo 2015 was successfully held. Juyuan screen window and its new products made a stunning debut at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. This article shows you the products of Juyuan screen window

Juyuan screen window product appreciation:

Juyuan screen window product recommendation: Supreme single flat screen door (with fingerprint lock)

product advantages: mosquito prevention, protection, theft prevention

reason for recommendation: the design of supreme single flat screen door shows more human care, and the special password fingerprint lock is a special lock developed by the water cube for the Universiade and the Olympic Games. It is a perfect combination of super large heavy hinges, super grade aluminum, imported gauze and other high-quality components, Make the product look thick and beautiful. Its anti mosquito, protection and anti-theft functions let you relax in your own space, free from any external disturbance




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