Several types of drawings of children's room decor

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Although the space of the children's room is small, its design can be renovated, and at the same time, the deep love of parents for their children is poured into it. When decorating the home, parents have strict requirements for the design of children's room. They require designers to consider from many aspects, not only to meet the requirements of use function and safety, but also to analyze specific situations and consider the personality and preferences of each child. They want to build a happiest kingdom for their babies

first, dream type &mdash& mdash; Skillfully use imaginative accessories

the accessories of this set of children's room are mainly functional, and try to leave a space for children to give play to their imagination. This colorful space not only deepens children's understanding of the external world, but also gives children a spacious space for freedom and play, so that they can be induced by imagination and creativity in play. An art homework and a piece of hand origami have become the protagonists of classic decoration. For example, the moon above the bed seems to be preparing a colorful dream, and let the child's dream insert wings and fly heartily. Since school has already started, there are more electrical appliances in the children's room at this time, so put oneortwo clusters of flowers and plants on the bookshelf and windowsill to regulate the air in the house





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